The ultimate user conference in digital orthodontics.

Specialists and their teams from across the world come together to elevate their practice potential through peer-to-peer learning, hands-on workshops, and transformative seminars connecting top clinicians and expert staff. Once a year, this community redefines what is possible, challenging each other to stand for something smarter.

This 3-day learning event is all about elevating SureSmile practices. Curated sessions offer doctors and their teams greater control with exacting precision by customizing 3D digital solutions that do more than just set our doctors apart.

Visionary Practice
Discover What’s Beyond.
2020 Early Bird
AAO – Aug 31
Sept 1 – Dec 31
Jan 1 – Feb 21
Doctor (per person) $1,775 $1,895 $1,995
Staff (per person) $ 625 $ 750 $ 875
Resident/University (non-SureSmile) $ 650 $ 850 $1,050
Guest Doctor (per person) $1,295 $1,495 $1,695
Guest Staff (per person) $ 625 $ 750 $ 875
Guest/Spouse $ 300 $ 300 $ 300
VIP Package: Expedited. Exclusive. White glove check-in service. Assigned priority seating and access to our premiere VIP Supper Club.
2020 Program At-A-Glance
Thursday, February 27 Friday, February 28 Saturday, February 29
7:30am Registration open 7:00am Registration open 7:00am Registration open
8:00am Exhibitor Setup 8:00am DL Consults 8:00am DL Consults
10:00am Business Consults 8:00am Business Consults 8:00am Business Consults
10:00am PreCon Masterclass 1 8:30am Opening Address 8:30am Breakout Sessions
11:30am PreCon Lunch 10:00am Break 9:30am Exhibitor Break
1:00pm PreCon Masterclass 2 10:15am Global Launch 10:00am Breakout Sessions
3:00pm PreCon Masterclass 3 12:00pm Lunch 11:15am Breakout Sessions
5:00pm Opening Reception 12:00pm Staff Advisory Lunch 12:15pm Lunch
6:00pm Staff Recognition 1:00pm Breakout Sessions 1:30pm Closing Guest Speaker
2:30pm Exhibitor Break 2:30pm Farewells
3:00pm Breakout Sessions 3:00pm Checkout
6:00pm Gala & Awards Dinner

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