At OrthoFi, we use technology to revolutionize the way patients and their families pay for treatment – making it affordable for everyone.

                                                                                                  Orthodent Laboratory (ODL) is a digital orthodontics lab that offers doctors a full range of traditional appliance and digital solutions, providing orthodontists with a pathway to growth and clinical excellence.

DEVELOPING ONLINE EXPERIENCES – At Rooster Grin, each of our services are specifically designed to create a competitive advantage for our clients. Each service is customized to our client’s specific needs in order to maximize results and generate value.

topsOrtho™ is an award-winning, Mac-based orthodontic practice management software serving over 1300 orthodontists in 25 different countries. topsOrtho is the fastest, easiest and most reliable orthodontic practice management software available! It’s powered by team tops—the industry renowned customer service folks you’ll see in hot pink at meetings around the world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions is a leading global provider in 2D/3D imaging, diagnostic, practice management and patient education software for dental specialists.

                                                                                                             DM is the most innovative help to Aligner treatment in at least 10 years. The true revolution is in finally providing doctors with a measurable way to monitor their patients’ aligner treatments.

 Carestream Dental provides industry-leading dental digital product lines and services, including imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems, software and practice management solutions, for orthodontic professionals.