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SureSmile2020 PreCon Master Classes

PreCon Master Classes, held on Thursday, Feb. 27, offer in-depth hands-on sessions and talks designed to explore specific aspects of your digital practice to help you enhance your outcomes as soon as you get back to the office. CE credits are available, and lunch will be served from 12:00-1:00.

Register Now, Only $395 for Doctors and $235 for Staff!

Dr. Yusupov explores the essentials of diagnostically accurate photographs for your digital workflow records. You’ll be able to see the difference high-quality images can make in your practice’s success as soon as you’re back in the clinic. (Camera Optional.)

In this hands-on session, Dr. Melisa Rathburn demonstrates her approach to digital treatment planning of surgical cases. Dr. Rathburn will explore the benefits of surgical orthodontics, the protocols of complex procedures, and discuss finishing mechanics. Bring your laptop with a surgical case to unlock the broadest benefits of this practical hands-on workshop.

When it comes to your marketing tactics and sales techniques, are you running a turnkey practice or more of a fixer-upper? This session will help you boost the curb appeal for your practice by examining social media, traditional marketing ideas, enhancements to your sales process, and understanding your target market. Join us as we discuss how to promote your digital practice with a personal touch.

This one-day course is for clinical assistants ready for more advanced SureSmile training. The course will focus on how to evaluate 3D models, order setups and wires, and effectively navigate through the software. This course also covers SureSmile aligners.

Prerequisites: SureSmile Patient Management is designed for the experienced orthodontic clinical assistant. Prior to attending, his/her practice doctor(s) must have completed the Introduction to SureSmile Advanced course.

Register Now, Only $395 for Doctors and $235 for Staff!